Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silver Rush 50 2013

Round 2 with the Silver Rush 50

This was Sean's 4th 50 miler and my 2nd.  Clearly I have been slacking.

Here is a link to our race review from last year with more details about the course.  http://ultraveggie.blogspot.com/2012/07/silver-rush-50.html

Sean's ultimate goal was to run it in under 9 hours this year.  I didn't really set a time goal before the race started, but I was hoping to not rupture my Achilles or further injure it and to beat my time from last year. 

Many of you know that both Sean and I have had some Achilles tendonitis issues for the last couple weeks.  Sean's Achilles tendonitis was from lacing his shoes too tight and the shoe putting pressure on the tendon.  Mine has been going on for years- I will jabber about it later. 

Surprisingly, my Achilles pain was finally almost gone before the race started.  I joked that the crash landing off of my bike on Friday on the way home from work cured me, but actually I think it must have been the change in my shoes. My bike looks like it got more injured than I did; I just had some bruises.