Thursday, August 22, 2013

Huron Peak and Leadville 10K

We went up to Leadville 8/10-11 for a little high altitude taper for the Leadville 100.  We left Saturday morning and drove to Huron Peak.  After some 4wheel driving we made it to the trailhead at about 3pm.  We brought Barkley along to ensure that we didn't work too hard.   We decided to hike it to save our legs for the 10k the next day as well as to ensure we tapered for the LT100. 


Pika wants a Clif bar

Barkley did awesome on the hike, he had me beat especially on the  technical portions.  He can jump 3x his height and never seems to get tired.

We were getting close to the top and saw a couple clouds in the distance.  We got to the top and signed the register and took pictures. 

As soon as Sean took his phone off airplane mode, we noticed a weird buzzing sound.  Sean looked at me and my hair was standing straight up and we realized we were in the middle of a lightening storm.  So we took off as fast as we could and ran down the mountain.  It started to hail/snow/sleet and it got a little slick as we ran down the mountain. 


Muddy Little Buddy

Barkley did awesome.  He did better on the 14er than I did both climbing up and running downhill.  Barkley's only complaint was that we didn't let him eat the pikas and marmots taunting him. 

Leadville 10K

Sunday we went to town to run the 10K which started at noon.  The 10K is one of the events required of the Leadmen and it is the day after the 100mile bike ride and 6 days before the 100mile run.  Basically, it just takes away one recovery day from the Leadmen.  

In spite of trying to take it easy on Huron the day before, our quads were sore from running downhill.  I can't imagine what it feels like to have done the 100 mile bike the day before especially knowing that I would be doing a 100mile run in 6 days.  

The Leadville 10K course is the 1st and last 3miles of the 100mile run.  It starts downtown and then mainly heads downhill and then turns around to climb the hill to the finish.  Last year when I ran the 100mile course I thought I was just tired and wimpy on the way back to the finish.  But it definitely is a hill even in a 10K.

Turns out, I placed pretty well and got 2nd in my age group.   

After the race, we were sure that we needed to get serious about the taper.  The next day both of our calves and quads were sore and we were sure we had done too much over the weekend. 

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