Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Weekend Extravaganza!

First up... the moment the boys have been waiting for forever... the new Superman movie. 
New Superman Movie with the boys!

Then we headed up to Leadville on Saturday for some camping.   We thought that the boys would want to go to Sugarloafin' because of the playground, gift shop, real bathrooms, and the kid's log cabin.  But no, they wanted to go to Mayqueen so they could play in the lake like last year. 

Mako just got his rollerblades the day before and was loving playing with them on the roads.  His favorite game was for me to run beside him and then to slingshot him ahead. 

We snuck in some little fun runs along Turquoise lake.
We had a great time with the boys at the lake and hiking around near the campground.  The boys climbed every rock in sight and ended up convincing Sean to buy them some cap guns. They even managed to incorporate rollerblading into the camping experience.

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