Thursday, July 4, 2013


Sean and I both took off the last week in June from work. This was to be our "honeymoon get away" since we went back to work the day after we eloped in October. Big surprise - We chose to go to Leadville again!

 It as SO nice and romantic to have a whole week to just get away and enjoy each other and the beautiful outdoors and laid back attitude of Leadville, Colorado. We spent the 1st few days at the Leadville Hostel but they were pretty booked for the upcoming marathon weekend so we camped the last couple days at the Sugar Loafin' Campgrounds.

We got quite a bit of playing done up in the mountains during our honeymoon week! We started off with a 15 mile night run with the Leadville Training camp Monday, then we knocked out a crossing of Hope Pass Tuesday, and then a day of shopping the local thrift stores in town Wednesday, then we knocked out Mount Elbert (the highest 14er in Colorado) Thursday, we finally finished off segment 9 of the Colorado trail/Tennessee Pass Friday, and to top it all off - the Leadville Trail Marathon on Saturday!

 The Trail Marathon was a great race day that we didn't even taper for! Somehow Sean ended up with a 16 minute PR from last year's time and I got a 31 minute PR, 8th place women's, and 2nd in my age group. It was truly a relaxed, romantic, and blessed week... AND race day!
Pre-run at Centennial Cone with the Denver Trail Runners

Leadville Hostel
brrrrrrr!!!!! water crossing before Hope Pass.  We had to go upstream a good distance before we could cross the raging river without getting washed downstream.  Good thing the 100 is in August or they would lose people to the river. 

Hope pass
Top of Hope Pass

Mt. Elbert

Tree hugger on Segment 9 of the Colorado Trail


camping at Sugarloafin'

Race Day Sunrise in Leadville

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