Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Laura's B-Day weekend

June 8-9,  2013
Guess where we went for my b-day weekend?

Leadville... shocking I know.

We went up on Saturday night to stay at our favorite campground MayQueen at Turquoise Lake.

Sean was super nice and let me open my b-day present early/let me play with my presents all weekend.

There seems to be some theme.... I'm getting a running/ultra vibe.

With some fun reading material: the China Study Cookbook.

 We went for a nice 13ish mile run at Turquoise lake Saturday night. 

One of our goals for my birthday was to finish segment 9 of the Colorado Trail and to run 31 miles for my 31st birthday. We had tried previously to complete segment 9, but had to abandon the segment due to time constraints. 

a couple inches of snow left

We were hoping for a 31 mile run that day, but post-holing was very painful and time consuming.  We ended up with a 13ish mile run and then met our buddy Zack and went out for my b-day dinner at Mountainbuzz pizzeria in Georgetown. 

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