Thursday, July 4, 2013

Leadville Marathon


Look who made the Athlete guide cover!!!! Must be that smiley color coordinated guy I married.  

The marathon course is an out and back course around Ball Mountain with the turnaround point at the top of Mosquito Pass at 13,200 ft.  The terrain is very technical with lots of loose rocks.

Some of the Roost Crew before the race: Dan, Laura, Sean, Creepy Fil, and Courtney.

Fil and Laura and some other folks.

Coming down from Mosquito Pass
Sean looking miserable at the aid station after mosquito pass.

Sean frolicking
Luke asking Laura if she needs anything and Laura being excited to see Luke and Courtney's puppies. Who needs Gu when you have puppies?

Sean and Laura running on the red carpet to the finish line.

Trevor, Dan, and Sean

2nd place finish for Laura
 The Trail Marathon was a great race day that we didn't even taper for! Somehow Sean ended up with a 16 minute PR from last year's time and I got a 31 minute PR, 8th place women's, and 2nd in my age group. It was truly a relaxed, romantic, and blessed week... AND race day!

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