Monday, October 15, 2012 worked for me

Sean and I both had profiles on around November last year.  I had my profile set up, but was not paying for a membership and had my profile set so no one could see me.  I would go on there and "shop around." During one of my online shopping trips, I accidentally made my profile visible and Sean saw it and sent me an email.  I immediately turned my profile back to invisible and thought about joining.  Some time went by and I finally started subscribing in late December.  By that time, the email Sean had sent had been automatically deleted (> 30 days old).  But, he saw my profile again and sent me another email.   We agreed to meet up for a trail run and Sean suggested Apex or Lair of the Bear.  Lair of the bear is my favorite trail; so we agreed to meet there on 1/7/12.   Surprisingly, Sean had never been there before.

Lair of the Bear was pretty snowy that day.  I wore my favorite shoes- the Merrell Barefoot and brought my yaktrax in case it was icy.  Turns out, it was extremely icy and Merrell barefoot shoes have very little tread and yaktrax do not stay on shoes that are that minimal.  We ended up running about 10 miles and I ended up falling on the ice about 10 times.  By time we were half done both of my knees were bleeding and I kept stopping to clean them off in the snowbanks.  The weather was nice, so I was wearing shorts and a long sleeve T-Shirt.  Which was fine except when post-holing through deep snow to avoid the ice.

Unfortunately, there are no bloody knee  photos and no photos of us together from that day.

We had an amazing time and it felt like we had known each other forever.  After the run we went to the Blue Cow restaurant in Morrison  and attempted  to order vegetarian lunches while drinking copious amounts of coffee so I could warm up again.

The next day Sean met me at church and brought me flowers.  He offered to take me out to dinner and we went to Little India- a restaurant that I had always wanted to go to but never had anyone to go with.  We again had a great dinner and found out that we had a few mutual friends and that we like to frequent the same trails and run the same direction.  Our dads had worked at the same place and we had spend most of our lives within 10 miles of each other.

Since that time we have gone on many amazing trail runs, run a crazy amount of  races, eaten at Little India multiple times, eaten lots of awesome vegetarian food, and have made some amazing memories. 

Sean proposed after the Leadville 100.  We knew we wanted to get married soon, and we pondered getting married at Mount Falcon after a trail run, but there wasn't much time left before the weather gets questionable.   Weddings take time to plan and we didn't want to wait until next year to get married.  So, the most logical thing to do in that situation is to run away to the courthouse and get married. We realized early in the week that Thursday was 10.11.12 and thought that it would be a good day to get married. So about 7 hours before, Sean called the courthouse to see if we could actually get married that day.  Sean got off work an hour early and we headed to the courthouse with the boys. 

We checked in at about 4:30 and applied for a marriage license and then went to the judge to get married.  The boys watched and even got to sign the marriage certificate.  Mako taped the ceremony and you can hear  him giggling through the video.  We had a great time at the courthouse and I wouldn't change a thing.  Mako did suggest that you are supposed to have a cake after a wedding.  Don't worry, the reception will follow and all my closest family and friends will be invited. 

The wedding party with the cutest witnesses ever.


  1. That's funny, it wouldn't have occurred to me that I knew you both before you knew each other. I just kind of assumed you met through DTR! Congrats again and best wishes for your future together.

  2. Sean ran with the Thursday group and I always ran with the Sunday group. You were one of our mutual friends! Why didn't you introduce us? Just kidding...

  3. You and Sean being together is so clearly a God thing!!

    1. Totally! Meeting at any other time would not have worked out, but God knew that too.