Friday, October 5, 2012

Camping in Leadville with the boys

We were getting homesick, so we went back up to Leadville on 9/22-23 for a possibly final camping trip for the season with the kids (at least at that altitude).    
The boys getting dressed up for the trip.
We stopped by Climax mine at our trusty port-a-potties on the way up and looked at the mining displays and climbed on the rocks.

We stayed at Sugarloafin' campground again and went on a few hikes to see the leaves changing.   The boys loved the playground and the cabin at the campground.  Toshi even wore his coonskin cap to celebrate the occasion. 

Cabin at Sugarloafin'
Yep, the swing set seems sturdy. 

Rock Star

Morning dancers

Then we headed back on Sunday morning and stopped in Georgetown for lunch at my favorite restaurant (Mountainbuzz) and took the train for some more leafy goodness.    

Georgetown dogpark- there were no other dogs for Barkley to play with- so we had to improvise.
Awesome playground at Georgetown

And we were all very tired.

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