Friday, October 5, 2012

Long's Peak

I finally made it to Long's Peak! :)  I have always wanted to climb Long's, but have always been intimidated by it because most people leave at 3am and hike until the sun goes down.  Long's is one of the few fourteeners in the front range that I haven't been to.

Sean got invited to go run Long's peak with his friend Ryan and luckily they let me come along.  We went up Friday night and camped at the Long's peak campground before our run on 9/15/12.  We got a somewhat early start at 8am and ran the trail in about 6.5 hours if you don't count clowning around on the top and on the trail.  We made some awesome new friends and had a blast.

The cool thing about ultrarunners is that they are pretty much all friendly, love the outdoors and trails, and are very down to earth.  After the run, we went and ate dinner at Southern Sun Pub and Brewery in Boulder which has some great vegetarian options.

The initial climb is a very runnable and a very well maintained trail.
It starts getting more technical the closer you get to the top.
My summer home. I am glad it wasn't my job to lug the rocks up to build that hut.
The infamous keyhole!

Bummer, I forgot my hang glider.
Sean, Laura, Joseph, Ryan, and Dan.

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