Thursday, May 17, 2012

Herman Gulch

Sean and I had a whole day to spend together with no real agenda.  So we went to Herman Gulch for a little altitude training and a trail run. I had a sinus infection and breathing alone was a workout, so it turned into a hike.  

Herman gulch is supposed to be one of the best wildflower hikes in Colorado, but the peak season doesn't start until July.   The trail starts at approximately 10,000 feet  and leads up to a lake at approximately 12,000 feet. 

The views on the hike were amazing.  The trail was in great condition until about 11,200 feet where the snow remained.  The trail was supposed to be 5 miles total, but it turned out to be almost 7 miles after we lost the trail in the snowbank.   We tried to walk on top of the snow, but the snow was starting to melt and we end up post holing through some deep snow.  

Cute boy I found on the trail.  Oh wait, it is Sean.

Tiny wildflowers.
Waist deep snow.

After our hike we stopped in Georgetown for dinner.   We stopped at three places and read through the menus before deciding on Mountainbuzz Cafe & Pizzaria. 

mountainbuzz Cafe & Pizzeria

  It was a cute little restaurant that looked something like an old train car. There was Jazz playing and the owner was whistling along. Mountain signs and stickers were everywhere. The entire back wall of the restaurant was the menu written on it with chalk.  We almost walked out because we only saw the pizza portion of the wall-  but then we found the panini section and we were very glad we stayed.   There was an awesome collection of outdoorsy magazines and trail and recreation guides to browse through while eating or enjoying some coffee. 

You gotta love a restaurant that asks you to remove your crampons before entering.

Super funny sign on the bathroom door.

Think they meant to spell Kilimanjaro like Kill a Man?  I hope not, because that is what Sean ordered.
Mt. Olympus sandwich.   Amazing.
It was an amazing day together. Beautiful hike, great food, and great company.  Sean and I want to go back when I can actually run the trail and after the snow melts and the wildflowers bloom.  I am sure it will also be beautiful in the fall with all the aspens lining the trail.

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