Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colorado Trail segment 5- Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day fun!

Sean and I decided to take a week off of racing and went for a nice trail run instead of doing the Bolder Boulder.  While it was very sad to see the fun times we had missed on facebook, we had an awesome day.  Instead of the crazy driving of 2 cars into the mountains and all the shuttling around, we decided to ride together and to just do an out and back course.  It might take twice as long this way, but it was a more enjoyable experience than driving around so much by ourselves. 

We had actually planned to run segment 4 in reverse to get to the point we had to quit last time due to weather conditions, but we ended up running toward Kenosha Pass instead.  Segment 5 goes from Long gulch to Kenosha Pass and is 15.1 miles long and stays around 10,000 feet of elevation (1540 feet of elevation gain total).   It continues on through the Lost Creek Wilderness from segment 4.  The weather was perfect, the aspen were beautiful, and the company and conversation was great.  This will be a beautiful run in the fall when the aspen leaves are changing.

We made it to mile 10 when we decided to turn around, we were both a little fatigued from either the marathon last week or that we were running out of water.  I had iodine tablets to purify the creek water from Rock Creek at mile 7.3, but after remembering Sean's shellfish allergy we were very nervous for him to drink any of the water.  Sean plans on doing some 40-50 mile unsupported runs on the trails this summer and this was a lesson on what he will need to pack.  Iodine tablets are not an option. 

On the way home we stopped by Coney Island in Bailey to get dinner.  I have seen and liked the place for years,  but had never actually eaten there.  We scanned the menu to make sure there was some vegetarian option before waiting in the crazy line.  I got a veggie burger and Sean got veggie dogs and fries and copious amounts of water.  It tasted amazing after a 20 mile run. 

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