Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy Legs 10K+

We were asked to run this race as ninjas and bribed with free entry fees. (I would be willing to run almost any race dressed as a ninja for a free entry- but I will be buying a new balaclava that isn't made for 20 below).  

We did have to get up painfully early- 4am to be exact- but it was worth it.  We both felt completely recovered from the 50K from last weekend.  

It was an amazing hidden gem of a race run by Paul Stofko (@crazylegs121) who comes back from Indiana every year to organize it.  Paul is an ultrarunner as well as a really great guy.  He also organizes many trail races in Northern Indiana.  The race was in Loveland at Devil's Backbone Open Space.

The trail connects to Horsetooth mountain trail and the Blue Sky Trail.  The trail was approximately 50% packed dirt and approximately 50% rock.  The trail is a geologic marvel if you like rocks. Beautiful views of sandstone in the distance and sedimentary rock layers on a slant to make running a little more interesting.   I found a great blog that talks about it in detail:  It was an awesome race- not extremely fast due to the canted rocks, but fun and beautiful. 

photo by Paul Stofko @crazylegs121

photo by Paul Stofko @crazylegs121

Here is a great race report video from Jerry Armstrong at trail and

We both ended up having great races and both finished 2nd in our age groups.  

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