Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mayqueen camping and segment 9 of the Colorado Trail

We went back to Leadville for some more camping at Mayqueen and some trail running (shocking, I know). We left after Sean got off work on Saturday evening and went up and camped with some friends.

We got up there and set up camp and Sean ate his second dinner that our friends so graciously cooked.  Then we went for a little trail run along the north side of Turquoise lake.  We only ran about 5 miles, but we both felt good and we had a good time running in the dark.

Then, in the morning we had breakfast with the group and then we headed to the end of segment 9 of the Colorado Trail (Timberline Trailhead).  We ran the last 9 miles of segment 9 before turning around.  Our original plan was to do the entire segment out and back, but due to time and fatigue we decided to just run 2.5 hours out and back.  We ended up running 18 miles with multiple stops to enjoy the views.  The trail was ridiculously beautiful.  We turned around after exploring an abandoned mine.

Everything is steeper at 10,000+ feet.

Lilypad lake.

Crazy trees. 
Abandoned truck at the mine.
Abandoned truck at the mine.
Abandoned port-a-potty- he didn't even bother to hover.

Mine shaft.

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