Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Father's Day weekend camping in Leadville

We tried to go to Mayqueen in Leadville again to camp with the boys and hang out with our favorite camp hosts Doug and Brenda, but there was no drinkable water available at the camp site and due to the lack of water camp fires were not allowed.  So Doug recommended that we stayed at Belle of Colorado campground on the North East side of the lake.

We might not have got much running in, but we did get some time camping at altitude trying to build up our oxygen carrying capacity of our red blood cells. 
Turquoise Lake Campgrounds.
  We went for a little hike with the boys and played in the lake for a while. 

Not a bad view from the campsite.
Looking for baby fish.
Morning stroll in our pajamas.

Future trail runners.
We found a nice flat rock to take a nap on.

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