Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dirty 30 50K

June 1, 2013

This was an awesome race at Golden Gate State Park.  The course ran through meadows, fields of aspen, across many bridges, along the river, and through pine tree forests.  This was probably the prettiest race we have run in a a long time.  We finished the race and wondered why we don't go there every week.  The terrain was very technical and there was a lot of climbing (8000feet) throughout the race, but the single track and views made the time on the course feel like it was going by relatively quickly even though our times were by no means fast. (We may have been a little slower than usual because this was our 2nd 50K in the last 7 days and we did a 17 mile run on Memorial Day). 

Sean running into the aid station.

Photo by Ryan Martin

Photo by Ryan Martin
Somehow, some amazing runners managed to do that course in 4-5 hours. Sean finished a little over 6 hours and I finished a little over 7 hours.  

Attempted sprint to the finish.

It was great to see so many of our friends either running or volunteering at the aid stations.  Liz, Brad, Matt, Maria, Becca, Ben, Lisa, Trevor, and Jenn were out there volunteering and cheering us on.   Woody, Ryan PL, Ryan M,  Ryan, Corky, Stuart, Sean T, Jessica, Brian, Ryan C, Sherpa, British John, Stephanie, and Jason all ran the 50K.  

Matt and Maria working hard at the aid station

After the race, they had a post race party with food from Noodles & Company at the barn and a Xylophone group called  Pick Up Sticks.  They even gave out $100 cash prizes for top finishers and even the bloodiest battle wounds attained during the race. If the race would have been at a technical trail like the road at City Park I would have totally won, but since it was on a trail I didn't wipe out.  I did however take off a nice chunk of skin from my middle finger slamming it in the car door, trying to drop my jacket in the car while running by early in the race. 

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